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Break and Snack Menu

Assorted cookies and drink -$3.25 pp
Brownies and drink- $3.50 pp
Chips and dip, drink -$3.50 pp
Guacamole and chips and drink- $5.75 pp
Salsa and chips and drink - $3.75 pp
Trail mix and drink – $3.25 pp
Pretzels and drink -$3.00 pp
Popcorn and drink -$3.00 pp
Nachos and drink - $3.50 pp w/beef $5.50 pp
Cheese and crackers w/drink -$4.00 pp w/strawberries (in season) $6.00 pp
Hand fruit w/ drink -$3.00
Veggie tray and dip w/ drink -$4.00 pp

Hors d’oeuvres

(Pricing available depending on choice and quantity)

Hot Dishes:
Swedish Meatballs
Spanish Meatballs
Mini Burrito
Mini Tamale
Stuffed Jalapeno
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Nuggets
Popcorn Chicken
Cheese Sticks
Queso and Chips
Chinese Eggroll (pork and Veggie)
Southwest Eggroll (chicken, cheese, black beans with chipolte dip)
Cocktail Smokies (pastry wrapped or BBQ)


Cold Dishes and Trays:
Meat and Cheese
Finger Sandwiches
Cheese and Crackers
Cream Cheese and Chili Pinwheels
Vegetable and Dip
Salsa and Chips
Guacamole and Chips
Fresh Fruit