Breakfast Catering Menu

Continental Breakfast Choices:

Assorted Pastry and coffee- $4.00 pp
Assorted Pastry and juice - $4.50 pp
Assorted Pastry Juice and coffee $6.00 pp
Assorted Pastry, juice, coffee and fruit - $8.00 pp
Assorted Pastry, juice, coffee, fruit, and bagel w/ cream cheese $9.00 pp
Assorted Pastry, juice, coffee, fruit, bagels and cream cheese and dry cereal $10.00 pp

Breakfast bar Buffet Choices:
Burrito bar – includes bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns, eggs, beans, red chili, green chili,
shredded cheese, tortillas and coffee.  1 meat- $9.50 pp, 2 meats- $10.50 pp, 3 meats- $12.50 pp.
Full Breakfast – Bacon, ham and sausage w/ home fries, eggs, red and green chili,
tortillas or biscuits and gravy or pancakes, coffee and juice.$12.50pp
Breakfast Quiche- ham, bacon, sausage or vegetarian, served with fruit
cup (in season) or hand fruit, juice or coffee. $9.50 pp
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich- Sausage, ham, or bacon, egg and cheese. $ 4.00 PP
Breakfast Croissant – Sausage, ham, or bacon egg and cheese. $ 6.00 PP
Premade Breakfast burrito bar – Bacon, sausage or ham, hash browns, egg,
cheese, red or green chili w/ coffee or juice - $8.00 pp
8 oz. New York Strip Steak with Home Fried Potatoes, Eggs, red and green chili,
and you choice of Pancakes, biscuits and gravy or tortillas.- $14.95 pp
Breakfast Box:   10.00 ea. includes your choice of:
Sausage Biscuit or Ham Croissant with cheese
Yogurt, Banana or apple, granola bar and Juice
Additions to above meals:                                 Drink choices:
Add juice $2.00 pp                                            Ice Tea 1.50PP
Add pastry $ 2.00 pp                                         Hot Tea 1.50PP
Add fruit $3.00 pp                                             Coffee  1.50PP
Add extra side 3.00 pp                                      Punch  1.50PP
Add Coffee 2.00 pp                                           Lemonade 1.50PP
                                                                       Bottled Water  1.00PP
                                                                       Soda 1.00PP
                                                                       Juice  2.50PP